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Take the time to view this video as it is a good overview of the work we do at Brighter Future.

  • Brighter Future Workshop is a Charity and Social Enterprise who train young disabled people, to recycle a wide range of disability aids and equipment that has been discarded and is destined for landfill sites across England. We have been Awarded by ‘HRH the Queen’ with the ‘Queens Award for Sustainable Development.’ we have also been awarded as The Best Social Enterprise in England, UK and the Best Social Firm in Europe.
  • BFW collects donated mobility equipment e.g. electric mobility scooters, wheel chairs, power chairs and other disability equipment from individuals and mobility suppliers; this equipment is taken back to our disability friendly workshop for service, repair or to be recycled
  • Our main aim is to improve the lives of people with learning and physical disabilities, by providing them with much-needed opportunities to learn essential life-skills alongside basic vocational skills, to gain greater self-esteem and reduced their social isolation, to gain the confidence to make their own life-choices and to reduce cultural barriers caused by discrimination. The majority of BFW’s disabled beneficiaries have high initial support needs and only benefit from structured one-to-one support in a safe, secure working environment.
  • Our disabled trainees assist in the live hands on refurbishing, of the equipment, supervised by trained technicians; this training will help them to up-skill and remove barriers to community integration that they face. We have a safety engineer who check the equipment to ensure it is safe and fit for purpose.

What difference do we make?

  • We play an important role in building stronger and more inclusive communities both with our training and re-cycling of mobility equipment. In the last four years we have recycled and repaired over 28,000 pieces of equipment, imagine the good this has done both for the user and the community that they live in.
  • Our recycled mobility equipment e.g. electric mobility scooters, power chairs, bath lifts, rise and recline chairs is redistributed back into the disabled community at a realistic costs, enabling disabled people to retain or regain their mobility. They are able to integrate back into the community by shopping locally, generating revenue and prosperity to these deprived areas of Skelmersdale.
  • Before any practical difference is made we needed to ensure every group of stakeholders would have the chance to discuss their particular needs, fears, requirements and expectations before they attended our workshop. E.g. No life skill, lack of mobility, would they be working in a group, as they had no social interaction and many more problems they face in daily life.0011-BrFu_X_XII_Cs-http---www.nicolephotography.co.uk
  • We give access to a unique, supportive, welcoming, flexible environment in order to benefit from multiple opportunities for personal and social development, practical work experience and life skill.
  • We support community learning and create opportunity promote individual and community well-being.
  • We help remove barriers and social integration for more disabled people.
  • We create a tangible local resource for young disabled people to become involved (in many cases for the first time) in personal, social and vocational skills.
  • We Improve quality of life and help them to be less disadvantaged.
  • We reduce social isolation and improve social and economic inclusion, as experienced by disabled and disadvantaged people from deprived communities/backgrounds.
  • Increase access to affordable mobility equipment for people from economically-deprived communities, through the recycling and repair of donated/disused equipment

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